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#EDUCATION:Prevent the aging of your penis

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Your penis is one of the vital parts of your body which is subject to change at the appropriate time so note these facts. 

There is no better news for every man than to tell him that his penis is functioning well than the sad news of malfunctionalityof his manhood. The frailtyof human body subjects the penis to fail as men get older, so malefolks should get ready to embrace the metamorphosis.These changes don't just occur rather it follows some unavoidable reasons like:
At the age of  40 onwards the production of this hormone will slow and that drop is responsible for a load of changes to your one-eyed trouser snake. From less impressive erections through to shrinking balls it's all a possible part of aging.

The natural aging process in men causes building up of fatty deposits in the tiny arteries of the penis. These will reduce blood flow and that could result in smaller erections. Collagen replaces normal cells and makes the whole thing less elastic causing the testicles to shrink.  Like so much about your penis they are controlled by testosterone.

 Hormone replacement is never the solution either, because your body will stop Remitting signals to your testes to make testosterone and they'll shrink the more.

The agony of pot bellied Older men about their penis becoming smaller, isa  responsive duty fatty deposit.The feasible way out is to stay trimmed and get it big.

The aging peopldimighte body makes the penis less sensitive  to erection that can give orgasm.
 An Anatomical discovery proved that you might also find that your penis doesn't get firmer when you get an erection, this shouldn't prevent you having sex.Sometimes it's possible for men to injure their penis during sex or through general activity. This causes the tissue to scar giving your penis a curvature. The good news is that this problem can be treated with, of all things, botox.

If you don't like pubic hair then you may be relieved to know that it, like the hair on your head, may thin away.

However,like head hair there's a big difference between losing it gracefully and pretending nothing is changing. Perhaps it's time to go for that bac. 

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