#METRO PLUS:Anambra communal clash, Women, youths, men flee community - WELCOME TO FACTS ZONE NEWSPAPERS



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#METRO PLUS:Anambra communal clash, Women, youths, men flee community

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THE people of Ubaru community in Igbariam, Anambra East local government area of Anambra State, yesterday were said to have experienced would-be total annihilation of their indigens by a suspected terrorists from another community.The community dwellers were said to have fled their homes because of the mayhem and moved to their neighboring communities and other states in Nigeria.

The attack came in on Friday night causing the destruction of over eight residential buildings that included the residence of the Permanent Secretary,ministry of Agriculture Anambra state,Dr. Edwin Ezinando a resident of the attacked locale.The incidence drew attention of media firms which.

When FACTSZONEMEDIA stormed the attacked community it was a gory site as not less 100 residents had abandoned their homes which left the community forlorn and deserted to prevent further destruction of lives.

The district police public relation officer Mr. Haruna Mohammed said the arrest wasn't from the police' state command, he further stressed that the command wasn't aware of the issue so he withheld his comment on the incidence'.

FACTSZONEMEDIA made a huge effort to interact with the handful residents met around the community and luck enough, an old widow of 81 yrs named Mrs Agnes Atomba who gave her own version of the incidence as it affected her"We were sleep on Friday night around 2.am when some unknown gang broke into our house and introduced themselves as police and ‘Bakassi ‘ boys, before they started beating everybody up and destroyed the building and made away with 200,000 naira my children sent to me for medication".

However, another attempt was made by FACTSZONEMEDIA to gather more information as regards to the incidence and Mr.Nnalue Iloegbune who also was among the victims of the attack gave his own version and said" the problem started when one of the leaders in the community wanted to intimidate the people by converting communal land to his own.

He said it was agreed that the said land would be shared to the seven villages each, while the remaining portion would be for the development of the community, which the leader didn't want, instead,allegedly connived with the traditional ruler of the place to harass and intimidate the people. He called on both the state and federal governments to come and rescue the community from the hands of ‘terrorists’

According to him, the land was 360.085 hectares, while each village was allotted 900 plots, but the said leader maintained he would take the remaining 407 plots which the people resisted, thus, the cause of the clash.

It was gathered that the reason the youths are nowhere to be found was because the terrorists were looking for them to kill so they exiled themselves to their neighboring communities.

women were seen in the village and were full of tension and fear of what would happen next.

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