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#METRO PLUS:See What Britain wouldn't like to show you

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LONDON, A cot standing next to an overflowing kitchen sink; yellowing mouldy walls; a used mattress lying by a washing machine and bags of clothes – these rooms make up the homes of London's poorest children.

A photo exhibition launched on Friday at the Foundling Museum depicts the living conditions of London's 700,000 children living in poverty – defined by the government as household income below 60% of UK median income in a given year.

shortage of social housing, rising rents and low wages create a "perfect storm" for families struggling to make ends meet, said Laurence Guinness, chief executive of the childhood trust, a child poverty charity involved in the exhibition.

"We hear a lot about housing, but rarely from a children's perspective," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

A Yet they are hardest hit by the country's housing crisis, with many living in places that can "look more like a prison cell than a bedroom", Guinness said.

More than 33,000 working families in Britain do not have a stable place to live, a 73 percent rise from 2013, according to a study by the social housing commission of Shelter, a homelessness charity.

Shelter blamed rising private rents, a freeze on benefits and a shortage of social housing.

Katie Wilson, the London-based photographer behind the series, said that "people often think that if you have a roof over your head then you're fine, box ticked."

"But for many families that means being crammed in one room, children sleeping in the kitchen, having no space to do their homework," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


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