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#METRO: The wife who died in her lover’s house

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a woman told her husband that she was going for a wedding somewhere, and that she would stay back for a few days before coming back. She did not come back. What returned was actually her corpse. Her death had nothing to do with insecurity plaguing the nation. It was not caused by any motor accident. It was reported that she did not attend any wedding. It was used as a blatant deception to her spouse. 
She deceived her husband really but not death! Aunty went to spend the time with her boyfriend and would have returned home with amazing testimonies about the wedding, especially, the mammoth crowd and the size of the wedding cake! She would have told her spouse about the beautiful renditions from the choir and how she could not sleep all the nights as she was thinking about him. Death did not allow her to make such narrations. It struck her on her lover’s arm!

There are thousands of women approaching menopause, who are still single. A married woman like her, has every reason to appreciate God for the gift of her spouse. Not Aunty! Her eyes were outside, looking for what I know not. 

Do they not say that it is greener outside? It is when one ventures there, that one will find out that what one loathes, other people are really in dare need of it. Whatever thing that took her outside her matrimonial home, could be found without any stress in her home. She could have saved herself the cost and stress of making that journey. What she found out at the end of the day was death, the unwelcomed visitor! 

I may not know the enticing names she and her lover were calling themselves. I may not know her excitement each time he was calling her on the phone or chatting with her. I know however, that most women thrive in praise. I may not know what the lover promised her before she left her home for the visit.

 I may not know what she might have smuggled from her house to give him. I may not know how Uncle deceived his wife, when he was arranging with his landlord, according to him, to provide him a room, where he would spend some days with another man’s wife. It was alleged that he claimed that when he wanted to have more sex with the lady, perhaps, the hundredth time, he discovered that she was dead! 

It was alleged that he carried her corpse and dumped it somewhere! Could she have imagined that the man she preferred above her husband would treat her that way? Could Uncle’s attitude reconcile with the beautiful names they were calling themselves? Could the lady’s husband, who she deceived, and preferred her lover, treat her that way?
True love is far beyond talking. They taught us in the primary school that action speaks better than words. Well, there may be some exemptions. Mary Magdalene and other women, as we read from the Bible, were at a close distance watching the Lord Jesus till He gave up the ghost. On Sunday morning, very early in the morning, these women went to His grave to anoint His body. That was love, the true love that matters, but Uncle denied the lady he had been sleeping with and perhaps, both of them were making fun of her spouse.
Uncle sat in his house and planned with a woman, he knew that was married, to leave her husband’s home and meet him somewhere. It is possible that he attended their wedding. It is possible that he might have given them some gifts during their wedding. Will he be happy if another man does the same thing with his wife? If not, why should he do that to his fellow man? What we use in measuring to other people is what will be used in measuring for us. 
It is possible that some people, who will read this, are doing the same thing. I plead with them to cease from such. It is a great evil before God. Turn to the Lord Jesus and surrender your life to Him, and plead for His forgiveness and promise Him that you will never repeat such an evil act.       
When Uncle was arrested, it was alleged that he said that it was his landlord, who gave him the room, where he slept with Aunty, while the wife gave her the food she ate, and might have poisoned it. After being born-again, I confronted my Uncle’s wife for aiding and abetting prostitution in our house. I reminded her that when I was in the university, I was bringing ladies home and that she was the person cooking and serving them food. I told her that God had forgiven me, the chief culprit, but was still holding her accountable for aiding and abating prostitution in her house. My word touched her heart, resulting in her salvation. May we not compromise our faith by pleasing evil people in any way.

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