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#POLITICS :Bola Tinubu: Caught in A Monkey Trap

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The demystification of Bola Tinubu continues. On the last day in May 2019, the news broke out like a bombshell. The Securities and Exchange Commission, (SEC), announced that it had concluded its ‘investigation’ into the activities of Oando Plc and found its management culpable.
The SEC further announced that it was unilaterally ordering Oando’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wale Tinubu, his deputy, Mr. Eyimofe Boyo and other identified board members, to resign and directed that an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting be convened to appoint new directors, on or before July 1, 2019.
Earth shattering! Ground breaking! A bombshell! Ordinarily, these terms are used as exaggerations. But on this occasion, they could even be said to be understatements.
But what is really happening here? As the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, sang in his song Overtake Don Overtake Overtake (ODOO), ‘people wey no know they happy, people wey know them dey look’. (Could that be where the late Bola Ige got the idea for his siddon look brand of politics?).
The truth is that on this issue, there is much more to what is happening than meets the eye. Much, much more.
You see, the Cabal are using Nasir El-Rufai to clip Bola Tinubu’s wings politically, and now they have moved on to the next stage of their 2023 long term strategy: clipping Bola Tinubu’s financial wings through the instrumentality of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Many people do not know that the relationship between Bola Tinubu and his nephew, Wale Tinubu, the now erstwhile Chief Executive Officer of Oando, goes beyond just familial dealings. It runs much deeper. Much deeper than meets the apparent eye.
For instance, it is Wale Tinubu that introduced Babatunde Raji Fashola to his uncle, Bola Tinubu, eventually paving the way for Fashola to become his Chief of Staff while he (Bola Tinubu) was Governor of Lagos, and ultimately to make him (Fashola) his successor. The bond between Bola and Wale Tinubu runs deep!
Perhaps it is a coincidence that Wale Tinubu’s then burgeoning company, Ocean and Oil, acquired the Federal Government’s shares in Unipetrol in 2000, just a year after his uncle, Bola Tinubu, became governor. And perhaps it is not a coincidence. You do the math!
Those who think it is a coincidence that Nasir El-Rufai flippantly unleashed his salvo against Tinubu three weeks ago on May 4, 2019 and the Securities and Exchange Commission moved against Oando on the last day of May, need to do a little digging. I will help them.
Nasir El-Rufai and Oando have history together. Very long and deep history. You see, Nasir El-Rufai was the Director General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises when Wale Tinubu’s Ocean and Oil acquired Unipetrol’s shares.
I am a researcher and a very meticulous record keeper. I interview people and keep meticulous records of my interviews, because Nigeria is a dog eat dog environment, and you need to protect yourself if you are involved in Nigerian politics. And as far as I am concerned, the pen is mightier than the sword. Hence I keep records.
I interviewed a personnel of the Bureau of Public Enterprises, who was in their employment in a high ranking capacity at the time when Wale Tinubu and Eyimofe Boyo acquired Unipetrol.
This high ranking person’s documented testimony to me is that the duo initially came to acquire a hotel the Federal Government sought to divest from.
Nasir El-Rufai, according to my source, then asked Tinubu and Boyo why they would want to acquire a hotel when they were already involved in the oil and gas sector, albeit, as small players.
He encouraged them to bid for one of the oil companies then. They had not thought of that because they felt those things were for the big players who had godfathers (back then, Tinubu was not the Jagaban that he is today).
Well, to cut a long story short, the duo went back to their den and repackaged themselves, and to use a cliche, the rest is history.
I am adept at spotting patterns.

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