#BREAKING NEWS: Dust over planned N5.5bn SUVs for Senators - WELCOME TO FACTS ZONE NEWSPAPERS



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#BREAKING NEWS: Dust over planned N5.5bn SUVs for Senators

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The anger over plans by way of the Senate to spend N5.5billion on 109 recreation software motors (SUVs) for its individuals is still raging. Nigerians, irrespective of their political persuasions and religious leanings, are unanimously towards the plans.

Their anger is more often than not borne out of the age lengthy ‘blackmail’ that Nigerian senators are many of the highest paid within the global, no matter the biting poverty that permeates every corner and cranny of the usa.

Some commentators, opinion leaders and pundits, are angry, and insisting that senators must no longer be allowed to personal SUVs. They’re claiming that the allowances they earn inside the realm of N13.Five million, have to accommodate any plans to buy new automobiles.

On the alternative facet of the divide, folks that help the flow are indignant that senators are unnecessarily being vilified, even as civil servants, ministers, heads of companies and parastatals, as well as provider Chiefs are entitled to a fleet of motors, without any public outcry.

If the management of the Senate doesn’t fall down and is going beforehand to approve the acquisition of the automobiles, about N5.5 billion may be expended. Every of the Lexus Land Cruiser SUVs, valued at N50 million, could be distributed to the 109 senators, together with the presiding officials.

Already, over 15 automobiles have been purchased as escort rides for the president of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan and his deputy, Ovie Omo-Agege. Every of the vehicles is worth about N50 million. Important officials, beside the proposed 109 SUVs, will probably get an extra vehicle. Ultimately, over N8 billion may be spent on vehicles for senators.

The purchase of cars for senators is as antique as the cutting-edge Republic. Although purchase of vehicles has been addressed below the monetisation policy, the national assembly because the exit of Olusegun Obasanjo as president, hah usually manufactured suitable excuses on why they deserve new SUVs.

In 2015 as an example, the Senate spent approximately N4 billion on purchase of vehicles for lawmakers. Each vehicle gulped N36 million. The crisis that engulfed the Senate led by way of Bukola Saraki on the time, saved Nigerians busy. Now not an awful lot attention become paid to the acquisition.

The endless outcry has incurred the wrath of the management of the Senate. Although belatedly, it is combating lower back to justify why each lawmaker deserves a befitting automobile. It is also threatening brimstone and hearth, reminding Nigerians to examine notes with the niceties of office ministers appointed by using President Muhammadu Buhari are savouring.

Leader of the Senate, Abdullahi Yayaya, who addressed Senate correspondents last week, described the outcry as an insult at the top legislative chamber. He said the status of a senator is not unfit of an SUV.

Yahaya stated: “what is the trouble there. It's miles an insult to say that a senator of the Federal Republic can't experience a jeep in Nigeria. It's miles an insult. The N5.5 billion is from the countrywide assembly fund and it is budgeted for each 12 months which they'll pay back on the stop of their tenure.

“i was a permanent secretary. I recognise what ministers get. We can not even evaluate ourselves with ministers due to the fact we're better than a minister. For you to mention that a senator of the Federal Republic can not force a jeep these days, come on, this is an insult.

“pass and inform the humans that the work that we do is greater than the work of ministers. The load that is on me today, there's no minister of the Federal Republic that has it.”

Regardless of Yahaya’s outburst, Nigerians are unrelenting. They’re inclined to maintain the fight until lawmakers jettison the concept.

Convener, worried Nigerians, Deji Adeyanju, defined the  Senate leader’s declaration as “insulting the sensibility of Nigerians”, and delivered that Nigerians have the constitutional proper to call for duty and must now not be cowed and shutdown.

Consistent with Adeyanju, the flow by way of the lawmakers could be a waste of taxpayers’ cash, for this reason it will be to import the SUVs alternatively to patronize a local producer and assembler of motors, Innoson vehicles, in Nigeria.

He stated: “anything they are doing is criminal activity against the Nigerian people and a criminal offense against humanity due to the fact how are you going to justify the high stage of exploitation of the Nigerian human beings?

“The Senate President is insulting the sensibility of Nigerians that it's far even ridiculous for the Nigerian human beings to assignment wastage of presidency. We're in a very unhappy place as a country.

“The revolution that they may be avoiding will inevitably show up in this us of a due to the fact when this sort of behavior keeps, Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gun powder and it's miles most effective a rely of time. A country where folks that aren't up to five, 000 are holding the future of two hundred million people to ransom.

“a rustic where simply 109 senators will drive cars that could take care of several hospitals national and the Senate President will insult the sensibility of Nigerians. How can such a united states make development?

“you got vehicles of millions final 12 months and this year once more.  Look at the convoy of the President and all you notice in the convoy of the President are German motors (Mercedes Benz) and eastern motors. Study the convoy of america President and all you notice inside the convoy are American made vehicles. While you come to vehicle production and meeting of cars, it is our country wide pleasure.

“we've got a neighborhood manufacturer and assembler of cars, Innoson, and he is an organisation of labour, and his vehicles have to be country wide delight. US President uses Chevrolet, Limousines, and GMCs. The German Chancellor use Mercedes vehicles; additionally look at the chinese language and japanese, but in Nigeria, we've a producer and assembler of vehicles none of the government officials patronize him.

“look at the convoy of the Nigerian Senate President, none of Nigeria made motors is in his convoy. These are the same folks who ban the importation of rice and that Nigerians should devour neighborhood rice however they want to force jap and German motors, all their food and clothing are imported, however they want the bad people to die and that is the equal authorities that has in part closed the land borders. The President does not guide neighborhood content material. They may be importing automobiles and that is waste upon waste.”

As a part of movements to frustrate the plans, Socio-financial Rights and responsibility project (SERAP), BudgIT, enough is enough (EiE) and 6,721 concerned Nigerians have filed a lawsuit asking the Federal high court to restrain, prevent and stop the national meeting provider commission from paying or liberating the sum of N5.Five billion budgeted for purchase of luxury motors for important contributors of the ninth Senate.

In match wide variety FHC/L/CS/1511/2019 filed at the Federal excessive court docket, Ikoyi, Lagos, the plaintiffs argued that the proposed spending negates the constitutional oath of office made by using participants to carry out their functions in the interest of the nicely-being and prosperity of Nigeria and its citizens, as contained within the seventh time table of the 1999 Nigerian constitution (as amended).

The plaintiffs also argued: “The proposed spending via the ninth Senate increases pertinent questions: what's the monetary value and contribution of the motors sought to be purchased to the grand scheme of Nigeria’s economy? What are the parameters used to arrive at fee performance and value for cash within the decision to purchase the automobiles? Wherein are the vehicles bought by way of the eighth Senate?

“The failure or refusal via the Senate to conform with prison and constitutional provisions is nothing but an act of arbitrariness. The cash could be higher allocated to more critical sectors of the countrywide assembly expenditure – like constituency tasks and countrywide assembly-endowed academic scholarships.”

While the Senate resumes plenary the next day afternoon after its eight-week destroy, it's far uncertain if it will debate the problem or ignore the public outcry.

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