#BREAKING NEWS: Osibanjo, Fashola, carry the can for others - WELCOME TO FACTS ZONE NEWSPAPERS



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#BREAKING NEWS: Osibanjo, Fashola, carry the can for others

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I found ex-Lagos state governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola’s clarification to the media after remaining Wednesday’s Federal executive Council assembly very exciting. Answering questions about his Ministry, Fashola made disclosures on how helpless and hopeless the ones of them who're Ministers may be. Yet, they're those the general public maintain accountable for the screw ups of governance, especially because it relates to ministries and or parastatals under their wings. Fashola, whose wings have been clipped with the removal of the power ministry from his portfolio, now has Works and Housing to reply for. How many deserted initiatives does he have? Journalists stated there have been 20,000 deserted tasks – 20,000! There is no smoke with out fire and reporters usually realize their onions. They will no longer be dead accurate however you could make certain they'll be somewhere close to it. If there are 20,000 abandoned tasks in just one or two ministries, want we probe in addition why infrastructure deficit is so extreme everywhere? Fashola’s answer turned into a combination of truths and 1/2-truths glued with semantics and sophistry. Pay attention him: to begin with, about deserted projects, it is critical we all talk the same language and i think there is a very clean distinction (among) a task that is uncompleted and a venture that is deserted. They mean  various things. If you say there is a document of approximately 20,000 deserted tasks, my ministry does no longer have 20,000 projects and i assume there has been a file from the preceding administration that did a compilation”

Speakme significantly, 20,000 is a whopping lot. But in preference to bicker about the range, why no longer simply release the record that both sides regarded to be regarding and which Fashola agreed was compiled through “the previous administration”? Allow’s try to understand the difference among “uncompleted” and “deserted” projects. An uncompleted undertaking is still within the procedure of being completed, regardless whether it takes donkey years for this to occur. Examples are the Lagos-Ibadan freeway, the East-West road and the 2nd Niger Bridge that have outlived 3 presidents. The powers-that-be are nevertheless interested by an uncompleted undertaking however instances beyond their manage may be tying their fingers. An abandoned undertaking is that which the powers-that-be have turned their backs on, irrespective of its importance or relevance. However fortunes might also smile on an deserted venture if the political equation changes or there are new entrants in the corridors of strength choosing interest in it. So, the difference, truely, is tenuous and may not be forged in iron. As scripture says, “time and chance take place to all of them”

Hear Fashola again: one of the things we've done…is finding out why initiatives have not been completed; in some case the fees have come to be out of date, so the fee of cement has modified, the change price has changed, inflation has long past into the quantities wherein it become provided before we got here” The crux of the problem here is inflation and the wrongdoer is the change rate of the Naira. If you are not careful, you may just flow with the Fashola clean narrative with out picking out the salient records. In 2015 while the APC/Buhari administration came into office, the change charge changed into N185/7 to the united states$ but because of the authorities’s hare-brained financial policies, the fee depreciated so badly that, at its peak, the Naira exchanged over N500 to US$. Inflation that changed into 9.01% in 2015 rose to sixteen.6% in 2017 before it stabilised at among 12 and 14 percentage in subsequent years. To allow the lay guy recognize this: a litre of petrol that bought for N87/litre climbed to N145/litre and a bag of rice that offered for N7000 jumped to N15/17,000. With the recent closure of the usa’s borders, a bag of rice now sells for N22/25,000. The self-sufficiency in rice manufacturing that the authorities flaunts exists best of their fertile imagination!

So, the foremost aspect leading to the abandonment of tasks not handiest in Fashola’s ministry however also in different ministries; not only in the public area however additionally inside the non-public sector is the depreciation or devaluation of the Naira as a result of the APC/Buhari management. This devaluation has additionally balloon our debt inventory, especially those held in foreign currencies. We need at least twice the identical quantum of Naira to service or pay off the same debt inventory. Now not ending there, devaluation also depreciates salaries and incomes earned by way of about 60%; increases fee of services, foodstuffs, transportation, imported gadgets, Medicare, housing, faculty fees, call it. In different phrases, the economic guidelines of the APC/Buhari management has no longer handiest brought about the abandonment of tasks everywhere in the usa as it hiked the price of finishing such tasks, therefore exacerbating an already horrific infrastructural deficiency they met in location, that policy failure has additionally similarly pauperised citizens in addition to thrown the u . S . Right into a debt entice that the PDP/Olusegun Obasanjo administration extricated it from a few years ago. Today, even the creditor countries and businesses are agreed that Nigeria is already drowning in debts. A coins-strapped Federal authorities is now tying the noose around the neck of country Governments, stressful for the refund of a bail-out budget those states aren't within the function to repay.

Allow’s concentrate to Fashola once more: it's far the government policy to make certain that we entire as many projects as viable. In contrast to inside the past, this government has focussed on finishing tasks. Similarly to that, we have multiplied the finances length so the budget length for all roads in 2015 became N18bn. So the ones are accumulations we now have to control and overcome as a result of below-budgeting and underfunding. Now there's a distinction: we've improved the finances to kind of approximately N300bn however we nevertheless can’t discover the N300bn. So, while we get the approval, that is the only-half of of the tale; the opposite half is that we don’t get all of the coins. So your research should include how much is being launched in opposition to how an awful lot is being approved inside the finances”. What a mouthful! Whilst Fashola stated “government policy (is) to finish as many initiatives as feasible”, he stated not anything and made no tangible promise. Try to keep him right down to that “promise” and you may simplest hold close warm air! He spoke really as a flesh presser with the power of the apparel.

Now, in this age of technicalities, observe the “technical” distinction among “below-budgeting” and “underneath-investment”. The previous condemns initiatives ab initio to abandonment at the same time as the latter condemns it to roll-over time and again without any viable date for completion in sight. Now, spot the distinction among the “sins” of PDP/Jonathan and people of APC/Buhari in this regard: the previous budgeted N18bn even as the latter has budgeted about N300bn. So, on the surface, APC/Buhari has executed far better than PDP/Jonathan. Best God is aware of in which all of the cash went below PDP/Jonathan that simplest a measly quantity changed into budgeted for Works as claimed with the aid of Fashola. But this is in which the birthday party ends! In line with Fashola, budgeting is something, getting what's budgeted is every other! Antique APC: master of propaganda and subterfuge! It’s a month since his re-engagement with the aid of Buhari; yet, Fashola stated he has acquired now not a dime of the budgeted N300bn! So in which has the funds been going? To RUGA?

Those in government should domesticate the addiction of talking up – and talking the reality. Allow the general public recognize what is happening and where you stand instead of keeping silent inside the face of tyranny or wearing the can for others. Our revel in is which you lose on both ends: the ones you watched you're defensive grow to be sacrificing you at the same time as you furthermore mght lose face with the people. Ask vp Yemi Osinbajo, his face-saving protestations notwithstanding. On Monday, the Buhari management stylishly, despite the fact that in characteristically deceitful manner, admitted to the failure of policy and personnel while it disbanded its economic control group headed via Osinbajo and instituted another called financial Advisory Council (mere semantics!) headed by means of one Prof. Doyin Salami. The new EAC got rid of Osinbajo as each head and member. Who does not understand that that is an indictment and that Osinbajo is the scapegoat for this regime’s many remarkable monetary screw ups? Osinbajo as vice president is not allowed into security conferences; Ministers and other political appointees record to the president through the chief of staff; civil servants and parastatals record to the president thru Secretary to government of the Federation! To apply the loo even, Osinbajo need to first practice for and get hold of presidential allow! What's left of the dealer-Moni man in the Buhari administration? Didn’t we warn him steadily earlier than now?

FUOYE:  deaths too many

What's past dispute now is that  students of the Federal college, Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) died during a non violent protest that went awry penultimate week. Except for folks that nevertheless have the milk of human kindness running of their veins in a Nigeria that had when you consider that misplaced all sensibilities and emotions but now has scant regard for human existence, that is mere records – “most effective” two lives misplaced! Sure, “only” two! Given that the arrival of APC/Buhari, our mind-set to dwelling and loss of life has emerge as cavalier.

But don't forget that one of the “best ” were your personal son – let our males and females of energy don't forget that “just one”, no longer the entire “only two” of the FUOYE lifeless have been their personal son or daughter! In case you do not respect what belongs to others, someone is coming who will now not appreciate what belongs to you. If you pay scant regard to the existence of the other individual, a person is coming who can pay scant regard on your very own life or the existence of a person you hold so pricey. That is the law of Karma. The least the Ekiti state Gov. Kayode Fayemi can do is to unearth the killers and make sure they're introduced to justice if the blood of the lifeless, like that of biblical Abel, isn't to cry out of the ground in opposition to him. As governor, Fayemi is the leader security officer of Ekiti and the buck stops on his desk. It's miles his responsibility to get justice for those whose existence, like Abel’s, Uriah’s and Nabot’s, became snuffed out in cold blood. Failure, he will account, like Dele Giwa minced no phrases in telling us, if now not now then later; if now not earlier than guy, then, earlier than God. Fayemi must follow up on his commands to the CP, Ekiti kingdom to unearth the killer-law enforcement officials. The demise of the two FUOYE students, for now, has been woven around the legs of Fayemi’s wife, Erelu Bisi; until Gov. Fayemi is able to shift the guilt somewhere else, that is wherein it's going to stay – and that is in which justice will be served.

Having first pushed away the fox, let us now go back to speak a phrase of reality to the FUOYE college students: however for the reality that students will usually be college students, why put your life at threat over an incidence as common in nowadays’s Nigeria as power outage? For the ones folks no longer students and who also suffer power out(r)age – and should pay rapacious envisioned payments to boot – where can we convey our own protests, peaceful or violent? But, then, like they say: “Agba wa bura pe ewe o se o ri!” As an undergrad at Ife, I, too, demonstrated on a limitless quantity of occasions, storming Lagos and screaming “Obasanjo na goat o, na goat o, (Shehu Musa) Yar’Adua barawo ni, o omo eran” On one occasion we vandalised a fancy vehicle belonging to Oloye Olusola Saraki, the then Senate President, inside the premises of the then Senate building on the Tafawa Balewa rectangular, Lagos. We have been enraged that the auto details pasted on the windscreen had expired a few years. Thank God, we have been now not shot by using errant security details of strength-drunk politicians! It's far probable that the Fayemis additionally tested while on campus at Ife. What in the event that they had been shot?

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