#BREAKING NEWS: Why South Africa Must Court Nigeria, Others - Obasanjo - WELCOME TO FACTS ZONE NEWSPAPERS



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#BREAKING NEWS: Why South Africa Must Court Nigeria, Others - Obasanjo

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Former Nigerian navy head of nation and -time President, chief Olusegun Obasanjo in an different impromptu interview over lunch at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta, Ogun country, after a teleconference seminar on Monday September sixteen,  2019, spoke at the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, why Nigeria led the campaign towards apartheid and could achieve this once more if the need arises and why South Africa must take measures to heal the wounds of the assaults, pacify and reconcile with affected countries like Nigeria.

Mr. President, you ought to be stunned at what's happening in Africa that you and lots of our beyond leaders fought for the independence of many nations, specifically for the end of Apartheid in South Africa…

It's far unlucky. Simplest last week, I got a letter from Prince (Mangosuthu) Buthelezi, who I worked with inside the days we had been fighting Apartheid. He turned into the leader of the Inkatha Freedom celebration, IFP. Even when I met Nelson Mandela in prison and i mentioned Buthelezi, Madiba stated, “Oh, Comrade Buthelezi is a freedom fighter in his own right.”

So, whilst the unlucky incidents of xenophobia have been occurring in South Africa, Prince Buthelezi had the presence of thoughts and thoughtfulness to write me a letter expressing his own disgust approximately what became happening in South Africa, and additionally sending to me a number of the communications and statements he had made, consisting of statements appreciating and acknowledging the roles performed through Nigeria and the roles performed by using me specially.

He dated that letter 11th of September (simply closing week) and that i got it the same day. I spoke back. And that i did no longer make it public because I desired his permission to make it public. And nowadays (Monday, 16th September 2019) I sent a message to him and that i said the letter I wrote to you which of them is a letter among  brothers, might also i've your permission to release it to the press? And he said it's miles a beautiful letter. You could release to the Media. Which i've simply performed.

And essentially what i was announcing in that letter was that it changed into unfortunate that leaders who ought to speak out in opposition to these unhappy occurrences aren't doing so while, and as they ought to do, and that encouraged the ones perpetrating the xenophobic incidents. I thanked him for the position he has taken and the positions some brothers in South Africa have taken.

I made the factor that South Africa is entitled, at the side of other African nations, to claim management in Africa. That leadership will now not be entitled if international locations decide to encourage xenophobic incidents. , I made the factor additionally that we in Africa played the position we played against colonialism and Apartheid in South Africa now not due to the fact we want to benefit anything in phrases of fabric benefit but on precept that we black people accept as true with that no black character anywhere in Africa and certainly anywhere within the world have to be treated as a 2nd class citizen in his or her very own u . S . A . Or anywhere within the international because if we don’t try this, then we all will become 2d class citizens in the global.

The 0.33 point I attempted to make became that in the global community most of the international locations that have evolved are nations that opened their borders to migrants, and those migrants truly do not go out with vacancy. Some of them have training, some of them have capabilities. Some of them have studies, a number of them have entrepreneurship and a number of them have guts and can make contributions within the u . S . They have just adopted as their u . S . Of dwelling house. I also made the factor that wealth introduction does not come through xenophobic assaults that it comes via honestly encouraging openness.

In terms of crimes, you don’t take the law into your arms. You have got the laws in your country and all and sundry who has long gone a criminal offense and is an inhabitant of your united states you permit the law take its path. Whether or not the individual is a citizen or non-citizen, once he is living in your us of a, the regulation have to take its route. I suppose that the authorities of South Africa should do what it ought to do to pacify the ones which have been hurt by xenophobic attacks, reconcile with the international locations wherein the ones human beings come from and take measures along with Nigeria to do something is to be achieved to position this form of misbehaviour in the back of us. In Africa we need to be speaking about friends and brotherhood, particularly now that we're talking about free trade regions. How can we communicate about unfastened alternate areas whilst there are xenophobic attacks?

When you have been president you were intently engaged with South African presidents from Mandela to Mbeki earlier than you left office. Among Nigeria and South Africa plenty of things were achieved for the continent. In view that these xenophobic assaults began, the Nigerian authorities seemed to be grappling with the hassle till a few reprisal movements in Nigeria seemed to wake them up. Knowing your attain in African did they make any attempt to attain you?

No, I don’t assume they need to attain me. What's essential for me is they need to have used all of the avenues. And one of the avenues that we set up become the Joint commission. We set that Joint commission on the Vice Presidential stage (what they call Deputy President of their u . S . A .). That should have been used, apart from the truth that no president must be extra than a telephone name away from some other president of a rustic. They need to have called them…’’my brother, what is this nonsense, please do something about it.”

3 or 4 years ago, i was in South Africa. A similar incident had just took place due to the fact this isn't the first time. This might be the 0.33 or fourth time. And the query became raised in former President Zuma’s presence, oh in case you had been Zuma what might you do?

I informed them if i was in Zuma’s footwear i would not permit it to show up. But if I had been in Zuma’s shoes and it happened i would vehemently condemn it inside the public. Range , i would make an example of those who dedicated that sort of atrocity, and i might of route, take measures to reconcile with the ones nations where the sufferers come from. I suppose now it is probably a piece belated, however I additionally agree with that it is better past due than never. I believe that President Ramaphosa is now waking as much as his responsibilities. Harm has been performed, but some of them not connected to loss of human lives may be corrected.

Nigerians at the moment are saying that, may be our Afrocentric foreign policy is now not bearing any fruit and need to be discarded…

No, no, no, I don’t observe it that manner. Within the letter that I wrote, I made it clean that we did not combat in opposition to colonialism and Apartheid due to the fact we desired material advantage. It's miles a matter of precept, and also you cannot beat that. I see myself as faded, as a second elegance citizen within the global if I permit any black man anywhere inside the international, and mainly in Africa to be treated as a second elegance citizen because of the colour of his skin. I must bear part of that duty. I can not accept that. I trust I should undergo a number of the obligation. That changed into what motivated and goaded us to take the measures we took, make the contributions that we made, and the commitments we placed into it, and the sacrifices that we made. If the same scenario occurs the following day, I accept as true with that Nigeria will do the equal component. It is a matter of better obligation and obligation because the united states of america with the biggest population of black human beings within the world, we owe that to the black race within the international.

Let us communicate approximately Nigeria…

(He faucets the table and gets up) I don’t want to speak about Nigeria!


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