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#BREAKING NEWS: Yemi Osinbajo-Shed No Tears

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Yemi Osinbajo

I pay attention you need to cry. Why have to you, can’t you be a man? So that they have aspect-stepped your useless committee and set up every other one reporting at once to the President? What is wrong with that? Appearance my brother this stuff occur everywhere. You  wake up to the fact which you are not of any kind of relevance. Whilst Nicholas did it to me, I kept my face directly and endured till the person sacked me three months later. Your case is even higher, no person can sack you, we voted for you. So don’t worry and give attention to other regions of your responsibility like visiting vintage humans’s houses and state funerals.

In fact, this even offers you greater time to face VGC property troubles like flooding and the overcharge they may be deciding to buy power.

Critically, when I first heard of that trader Moni issue, I weak. How can you for the life of me even try and promote that as an powerful monetary device? How sustainable is that and what's the attain? Wherein is the cash now? What records did you operate in arriving at the beneficiary listing and what structure for monitoring and regulation turned into put in place? What I noticed was you simply leaping from marketplace to market and losing monies like Wizkid throwing cash at his fanatics. It become at that point I knew that something like this can appear to you. You spot even illiterates like me, understand which you can't leap- begin a large economic system like ours by using throwing some meaningless coins at hapless buyers who in the end lose the price range to ‘agberos’ at once you input your air-conditioned limousine and the cameras percent up. Anyways, the simplest advice i'm able to come up with at this factor is to remain calm, don’t panic and truely don’t show fear.

Recalibrate and awareness on areas of your core competence and go away the economic system to those who sabi. Permit’s focus on the $9 billion judgment, xenophobia and what we can get when Mugabe’s Will is finally read. Me, i am beginning to like Buhari. Finally, please earlier than you visit mattress every night, kindly be making a song this tune – he that is down, fears no fall………. And you will be good enough. Believe me.

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