#CELEBRITY GOSSIP: Zlatan Ibile to release Tasha diss song, Nigerians react - WELCOME TO FACTS ZONE NEWSPAPERS



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#CELEBRITY GOSSIP: Zlatan Ibile to release Tasha diss song, Nigerians react

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Last night, Zlatan Ibile released snippet of a diss music he recorded on Tacha, highlighting her alleged body odour.

Zlatan Ibile shared the video of himself and some of his team participants singing the Tacha diss music and requested that enthusiasts supply 100,000 remarks and he might drop the tune however if not, he would delete the video.

See some reactions to the video below.

Zlatan just want to complicate issues. He shouldn’t release that song, at least pity Tacha’s mental health.  Let’s spread love. – @Tife_fabunmi

If you reposted that Zlatan’s video and laughed with him, you have no right to talk about mental health because you clearly don’t know what bullying is and how things you say can affect someone. – @funmi_adeoti

Praise or shame her either way you talk about her. What  @Zlatan_Ibile did is seriously uncalled for, that’s the stupidest thing i’ve seen this year #bbnaija #saynotocyberbullying – @Saucess1

Zlatan is harshhh😂💔💔 this is way too much for Tacha to handle pleeks😂😂💔 – @PharmZay

This isn’t good at all, please don’t drop the song though the girl deserve all this because she feel so important and on top of the world but no one beyond a problem. I am thinking the body odour is her natural problem. Though, other housemates confirmed her lack of personal hygiene but still yet, don’t ruin her pls… – shideeqot

When Nigerians were dying in South Africa una no release song o. It’s this one Every supposed public figure or celebrity wants to jump on. And you think y’all aren’t part of our problems – muh_fasa

@zlatan_ibile the regard I had for you just dropped to Zero, and you call this fun?!! You’re probably high on something!🤦🏼‍♀️ the more I watch this video,the more I get pissed 😡 This kind of discrimination,could lead to suicide,or even worse, You and your fellow clout chasers calling themselves entertainers should be banned from using the social media because definitely ya’ll lack sense,not even a bit!! Will you call this noise you recorded a joke,or a hit music or what?!! SMH🤦🏼‍♀️ Fame is really getting into your head, No phoor ooo,Guyyyy There’s nothing God can’t do! You go wreck till you’re on Zero🤬🤬 – themmitee

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